The WOG gas station network has started investing in the scholarship program of the Kyiv School of Economics the company has already made the first contribution and will allocate $100 000 for institutional support of KSE in 2023–2024.

Gennadiy Karlinsky, Marketing Director of the WOG gas station network: “WOG pays special attention to the implementation and support of socially significant projects. In particular, our “WOGON of Memory” project is aimed at supporting initiatives to restore historical memory. The company also focuses on educational initiatives, implementing a free educational project for veterans and their families called WOG Coffee Academy, which aims to reintegrate veterans into society. A prominent place is occupied by KSE’s support for scholarship programs for young people who make a conscious choice to receive higher education in Ukraine despite the war in order to work for the development of their own country.”

The funds will be used, in particular, for scholarships for talented young people, applicants who have lost their homes due to the war, and for children of fallen Ukrainian defenders.

Earlier, the WOG gas station network supported the initiative of KSE students “Donate To Evacuate“. Thanks to their contribution, as well as contributions from other benefactors, funds were raised for helicopters for medical evacuation for the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. The first medevac helicopter is already performing rescue missions at the front.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.