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KSE Charitable Foundation is de jure two foundations, one registered in the U.S., 501.c.3, and another in Ukraine.

The KSE Foundation is dedicated to the development of Ukraine and Ukrainian society through the support of education and science.

Currently, in addition to its educational programmes, KSE raises funds for charitable assistance to the people and defenders of Ukraine. However, without proper attention to education, a strategic vision for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine is impossible.

We work because of your support and we strive to be completely transparent in our work.

Monthly audits of the Foundation’s activities are carried out to ensure that funds are used effectively.

Working directly with the government of Ukraine, as well as other foundations and volunteer organizations, KSE has established itself as one of the largest humanitarian aid funds, providing life-saving medicines and protective kits for volunteers and ordinary citizens.

According to Forbes, the KSE Foundation is one of the top 5 fundraisers that raised the most money for Ukrainians and the army during the war.

Our results

  • 22
  • 9100
  • 800
3rd place among the charitable funds in terms of the efficiency of fundraising according to the rating of Forbes Ukraine
4th place among non-governmental funds and public organizations that most effectively raise funds to support Ukrainians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine during wartime (Forbes Ukraine)
1996The Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) was established on the basis of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
2000Charitable Foundation in the US was established - 501(c)(3) eligible
2006EEC became an independent university and took the name of Kyiv School of Economics (KSE)
2007KSE Charitable Foundation in Ukraine was established to raise funds for education purposes Partnership with the University of Houston was established (double degree master's programme in economics)
2013-2020Launch of multiple Master, MBA and mini-MBA programmes
2019KSE became a part of the International Association of Universities
2022KSE Charitable Foundations launched a humanitarian aid campaign to support Ukrainians shielded from Russian aggression
icon Charitable aid to war victims

We aim to respond quickly to the needs of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the war.

KSE Foundation has an institutionalized Help Ukraine program, which prioritizes support for our defenders, Ukrainians affected by the war, as well as the restoration of educational and medical infrastructure.

The main goal is for each of these programs to support our government and the state as much as possible and have the greatest possible impact on people’s lives.

icon Assistance for education and development of scientific projects for youth

The establishment of new intellectual centers, start-ups and innovative companies is an important investment in the future of our country.

Providing institutional support for bachelor’s and master’s students, investing in fundamental important educational and scientific projects, as well as ensuring organizational and institutional support for existing and newly established civic initiatives aimed at preserving Ukraine’s intellectual sovereignty is the basis for the future recovery of the Ukrainian economy.

Let's save lives together!
Remember! No matter how much you donate, every donation counts!
We believe that transparency, solid governance, and regular reporting are the foundation for successful and sustainable implementation of program activities. This creates trust between benefactors and the Foundation.
Fundraising is centralized on confirmed organization accounts. No individual accounts are used for fundraising purposes. All funds are used efficiently and promptly. Funds remain on accounts not more than 1-2 days). Leftover financial balances on accounts are minimal (1-3% of overall monthly turnover).
All target funding is utilized for the intended purpose. There are no undone contracts, no fraud, and waste.
Finance inflow and outflow correspond with all procurements and services.
All procurements correspond with specifications provided by experts, donors, and recipients. Costs of purchased humanitarian goods are equal to or less than the current market price.
All deliveries correspond with invoiced paid, number of items purchased, costs, destination, and recipient. Delivery delays do not exceed 5-10% of all contracts.
Operational and financial losses do not exceed 1-5%. Losses include poor quality supplies, forfeiture, expenses due to delays, and reimbursements.
All operational and administrative expenses (exchange rate difference, salaries, etc.) do not exceed 2% of all collected funds, i.e., less than the international standard rate (5%).

Support of partners transforms volunteer movement into a real force that can benefit thousands of our citizens. We are grateful to the representatives of Nova Ukraine for financial assistance and high confidence in the KSE Foundation activities.

The ICU ua financial group donated UAH 4.5 million to the KSE team for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians. We are grateful to the representatives of ICU for this contribution to support our defenders!

Cryptofund Aid for Ukraine has donated $221,400 for personal protective equipment for Ukrainian fighters. We are grateful to the fund for the contribution: your support is now more important than ever.

We are grateful to our permanent partner, PUMB Bank, which has been providing institutional support to KSE since 2017, and became the first business to support the Foundation since the outbreak of the war.

We want to thank Wirex, which has donated UAH 336,000 to the KSE Foundation account. Such a contribution allowed us to make additional purchases of helmets for the military in the Sumy region.

Cpamatica, a global performance marketing agency, has donated UAH 209,900. KSE Foundation is grateful for the contribution of Cpamatica, appreciating the Foundation activities and for supporting Ukraine and its citizens during times of emergency.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group has donated UAH 450,000 for the restoration of an outpatient clinic in the village of Makariv, Kyiv region. We are grateful to Chernovetskyi Investment Group for the contribution and support of this humanitarian project.

We are grateful to Farmak for the high confidence in the work of the KSE team and for supporting the School activities even during the war. Farmak supported the Kyiv School of Economics in the development of educational projects.

With the organizational and logistical support of HelpUA.ch, the KSE Foundation team has purchased and donated 30,030 first aid bandages to stop bleeding to the front line. We are grateful to the HelpUA.ch association for the support that saves the lives of our defenders.


Management Managerial Team Board of Directors International Academic Board
Tymofiy Mylovanov
Tymofiy Mylovanov
President of KSE
Svitlana Denysenko
Svitlana Denysenko
Director of KSE Foundation
Olena Saprykina
Olena Saprykina
Deputy Director for Institutional and Partnership Development of KSE Foundation
Maryna Borysenko
Maryna Borysenko
Deputy Director for the humanitarian projects of KSE Foundation
Natalya Kravchenko
Natalya Kravchenko
Talent and Community Development Lead of KSE Foundation
Mariia Husarenko
Mariia Husarenko
Stakeholder Engagement Lead of KSE Foundation
Anastasiia Tyshchenko
Anastasiia Tyshchenko
Defence Development Officer of KSE Foundation
Olha Kyrylenko
Olha Kyrylenko
Talent and Community Development manager of KSE Foundation
Antonina Yermakova
Antonina Yermakova
Rebuilding Ukraine Project manager of KSE Foundation

Board of Directors of Kyiv School of Economics is the main governing body of the School. During the annual meeting, the Board members approve policies, review the School’s activities and establish the priorities for development for incoming years. The Board of directors is reinforced by senior advisors and the the Honorary Chairman, all of them have a high level of knowledge and expertise in their fields.

The Board of Directors (BoD) of Kyiv School of Economics consists of 4 Co-Chairs, 10 members and 3 Senior Advisors, 1 Honorary Chairman.


  • Olena Bilan — Chief Economist at Dragon Capital; KSE’2002; Chairman of the Strategic Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Oleksandr Kravchenko — Partner of McKinsey&Company, Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Makar Paseniuk — Founding Partner of Investment Capital Ukraine LLC, Chairman of the Fundraising Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Anna Nagurney —  Eugene M. Isenberg Chair in Integrative Studies at Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst

BoD members:

  • Torbjorn Becker — Director of Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE)
  • Peter Chernyshov — Ex-president at Kyivstar
  • Tomas Fiala — CEO of Dragon Capital
  • John E. Herbst — Director of the Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center
  • Alex Lissitsa — General Director of the Industrial Milk Company (IMC)
  • Roger Myerson — Nobel Laureate in Economics 2007, Professor at the University of Chicago
  • Tymofiy Mylovanov — KSE President, Associate Professor of the University of Pittsburgh, the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine (2019-20); KSE’1999
  • Volodymyr Popereshnyuk — Co-owner of Nova Poshta
  • Svyatoslav Vakarchuk — Musician, social activist
  • Oleksandr Zholud — Chief expert in the Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis Department at the National Bank of Ukraine

Senior Advisors:

  • Anders Åslund — Senior Advisor to the KSE Board of Directors; Resident Senior Fellow, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council
  • Yuriy Gorodnichenko — Former chairman of the KSE IAB, Quantedge Presidential Professor of Economics at University of California, Berkeley; KSE’2001
  • Regina Yan — Senior Adviser of the KSE Board; Chief Operating Officer, PCORI; Senior Advisor, Eurasia Foundation

Honorary Chairman of the Board:

  • Yegor Grygorenko — Partner of Deloitte; Head of Consulting Department in Deloitte Ukraine; KSE’2001

Executive Secretary of the Board of Directors — Svitlana Denysenko, [email protected]

International Academic Board (IAB) of Kyiv School of Economics is an advisory body to the Board of Directors of the Kyiv School of Economics, whose main function is to provide expert support and assess academic integrity to ensure that the Kyiv School of Economics follows the high standards of teaching and research.

The International Academic Board of Kyiv School of Economics consists of 11 members.

Chair of the International Academic Board:

  • Roger Myerson — Nobel Laureate in Economics 2007, Professor at the University of Chicago

Deputy Chairman of the International Academic Board:

  • Dmytro Holod — Associate Dean at the Stony Brook College of Business at New York State University; KSE`2000

Members of the International Academic Board:

  • Charles Becker — Associate Chair of Duke University’s Economics Department
  • Michael Burda — Professor at School of Business and Economics, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Yuriy Gorodnichenko — Former chairman of the KSE IAB, Quantedge Presidential Professor of Economics at University of California, Berkeley; KSE’2001
  • Paul Gregory — Professor at the University of Houston
  • Viktoria Hnatkovska — Associate professor at University of British Columbia in Vancouver; KSE`2000
  • Tymofiy Mylovanov — KSE President, Associate Professor of the University of Pittsburgh, the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine (2019-20); KSE’1999
  • Anna Nagurney —  Eugene M. Isenberg Chair in Integrative Studies at Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Larry Samuelson — Professor at Yale University
  • Konstantin Sonin — Professor at University of Chicago and HSE

Executive Secretary of the International Academic Board — Olga Feryatyeva, [email protected]