Meet the new winners of the «Talents For Ukraine» grant program – our jury has chosen three more talented Ukrainians. Each of them received a grant for their own development from the KSE Foundation. Among them is a director, a calligrapher and a coffee entrepreneur.

Tymofii Biniukov is a director, screenwriter, playwright from Kharkiv. In 2022, he became a laureate of the scholarship of the President of Ukraine for young artists in the field of cinema, and he was also an expert of the audiovisual sector of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. In the last days before the start of the a full scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine, he shot the short film «Rubyzh», which was selected for a number of film festivals, including the BFI London Film Festival. He is the author of the project «There are no indifferent people here», where top Ukrainian actors read anti-war and dystopian prose and poetry. Our winner plans to work on the next creative project «20:22», which will reproduce the evil that is an unjust war.

Eugen Berd is a calligrapher who «writes and draws letters.» Over the past year and a half, he created the largest calligraphic mural in Ukraine measuring over 300 square meters. Eugene took a full course on Gothic calligraphy and taught the craft to more than 200 students. He also independently published a diary in English about the first 30 days of the war, which he earned for socks for our soldiers. His work was even featured in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, one of the oldest libraries in the world. Each week our winner continues to draw motivational sketches for military tattoos.

Kostyantyn Dudchenko is a coffee entrepreneur. In 2018, together with a partner, he launched the cafe-workshop «Free Bird» in Kherson. It was the only coffee shop in the city that did its own coffee roasting and opened a barista school. Later, Kostyantyn and his partner opened their own coffee shop ««, which in the first year of operation turned from a small to-go point into a full-fledged institution. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, in 2021, the institution started preparing 10 different breakfasts, croissants, sandwiches and salads, desserts. With the beginning of the full-scale war, Konstantin and his wife left for Ivano-Frankivsk, where he opened a new coffee shop in March 2022, and in September 2023 he was included in the Forbes «30 under 30» list. Our winner considers it his task to write a book about his experience of opening a coffee shop with a limited budget.

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