The KSE Foundation continues its humanitarian mission to raise funds for essential aid for the defenders of Ukraine and civilian casualties. The KSE Foundation has raised $17 million since Russia started the full-scale war against Ukraine. The money has been spent on humanitarian needs.

On April 7, 8,000 first aid kits were delivered to Ukraine for the needs of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The kits contain key elements – tourniquet, hemostatic, bandage, occlusive dressing – to meet the requirements of disaster medicine.

“Statistics indicate that one first aid kit can save the lives of 4 persons. Thus, it is vital to cover the needs of the Ministry of Health for first aid kits. We thank all those who joined the KSE Foundation fundraising programmes and urge all who can participate in supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians to do so. War is not a ‘new normal’ to get used to. People are suffering. We will do our best to help them out,” Тetyana Lyashenko, Head of Medical Procurement KSE Foundation said.

In general, the KSE Foundation has purchased 35,000 first aid kits since the first day of the war, 5,000 of which have been sent to hotspots.

At the same time, the KSE Foundation additionally plans to purchase first aid kits from a major Israeli supplier Sarel, that is ready and able to select first aid kits with guaranteed high-quality components in a package developed and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and deliver them as soon as possible. The negotiations with suppliers North American Rescue, Sharkmed та Sante are ongoing