Fifty Volkswagen T5 vehicles for border protection and tasks on the frontline were acquired through contributions from KSE Foundation benefactors. The purchase, delivery, and modernization were facilitated by BGV Charity Fund. The vehicles were handed over to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine today, on February 9th.

“We have directed $500,000 for the purchase of vehicles in response to the request from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. This comprises contributions from international partners and private donors of the KSE Foundation. Mobility is a key factor for the effective implementation of surveillance, defense, and response activities. The acquired vehicles have undergone thorough maintenance and will enhance the capabilities of our border defenders,” said Svitlana Denysenko, Director of the KSE Foundation.

The complexity of the tasks performed by Ukrainian border guards is heightened by the length of Ukraine’s state border, nearly half of which borders with the aggressor countries. Since the onset of the full-scale invasion, the Defense Forces of Ukraine, including the State Border Guard Service, have liberated and regained control over more than 1,400 km of the state border.

“Thanks to the assistance of charitable organizations, today, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has received a significant batch of vehicles. They are crucial for us to effectively and promptly fulfill tasks related to border protection and the defense of our country. Primarily, these vehicles will supplement the fleet of brigade-type border units, which are already formed and continue to be formed within the border agency to carry out tasks on the front line,” noted Serhii Serdiuk, Deputy Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The type of received vehicles is versatile, as they can be configured to perform diverse tasks. The base of these vehicles allows for the installation of any equipment, including communication devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance tools, and the execution of all necessary logistical tasks and transportation.

“Our BGV Charity Fund has been collaborating with the State Border Guard Service since the early days of the war. We receive requests and promptly respond to them, consistently seeking and delivering equipment, ammunition, and vehicles for the needs of the border service.

Our team operates cohesively and swiftly, as we understand the critical nature of such requests. In just the beginning of this year, we have already managed to organize all operational processes in less than a month to purchase 50 vehicles and hand them over today. We are certainly not stopping there. There is still a lot of necessary work and productive collaboration ahead of us,” noted Polina Aldoshina, Chair of the BGV Charity Fund.

The acquired transport is intended for performing tasks related to border protection and utilization in missions of border guards defending the country on the front lines. All 50 vehicles that have been handed over will immediately be dispatched to border units to carry out tasks in countering the aggressor.

Border guards express sincere gratitude to the benefactors for the provided assistance, as the need for technical resources always remains, stated the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.