The jury has chosen three more winners of the «Talents for Ukraine» grant program from the KSE Foundation! Among them: the owner of the confectionery «Nomer Domu», the founder of the inclusive bakery «Good bread from good people» and a modeler of military-historical miniature.

Mariia Tymoshenko is the owner of the confectionery «Nomer Domu» and a volunteer. Our winner has been producing fudge and author’s chocolate for eight years. Mariia developed all the recipes herself, so her chocolate has a unique taste and texture: the products are presented in coffee shops and stores throughout Ukraine. And since the beginning of the big war, Mariia has been sending most of her profits to cover requests from the military personnel. Today, the winner is developing a new line of production – she creates marmalades and jams.

Vladyslav Malashchenko is a medical teacher, founder of the bakery «Good bread from good people». This is a full-fledged production workshop, which involves 27 people with mental disabilities. Here they have the opportunity to acquire baking skills, socialize and improve their level of independence. After 24th of February, the institution began to bake bread for free for internally displaced people, elderly people, residents of frontline zones and de-occupied cities. In 2021, Vladyslav was included in the Forbes Ukraine «30 under 30» list. Today, Vladyslav is focused on the development of the Good Bread Hub, where, in addition to the bakery, he plans to open a carpentry and art workshop for people with mental disabilities, assisted living rooms and a lecture space.

Artem Babakin is a modeler of military-historical miniature. Our winner started modeling back in 2004, his technical creativity circle then became the largest in Zaporizhzhia. Today, Artem reproduces the events and consequences of the war in military-historical miniatures – dioramas. In particular, he created a miniature of the destroyed hangar in Hostomel, and also recreated the liberation of Lysychansk in a model. Artem auctions off all dioramas, and sends the proceeds to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

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