As of April 14th, 202,2 more than 5 600 individual and corporate benefactors supported the KSE Humanitarian Relief Program. Together we have raised $17.9 million. Thanks to these efforts, Forbes Ukraine has ranked KSE Foundation Humanitarian Relief effort as one of the most efficient fundraising initiatives (the third place among the charitable foundations; Comeback Alive – the 1st with 117M, Razom – the 2nd with 21M).

Status Report

• Transferred more than 14 215 medical kits and 25 000 CAT tourniquets to field doctors and territory defense units
• 15 784 medkits are to be delivered soon
• Purchased 7 055 bulletproof vests and 10 640 helmets ⅓ of which were handed over in cooperation with the central territory defense Headquarters
• Acquired more than 20 armored cars and pickup trucks for battlefield medics 
• Launched a relief program for the war-affected cities and villages of the Kyiv region. The first batch of 5 gasoline generators, 50 space heaters, and 50 gas stoves have already been delivered.

We have launched a fundraising campaign for a mobile hospital for Bucha and other war-affected Kyiv and other regions cities.

The terrible consequences of the Russian occupation of Bucha, Irpin, and other cities of the Kyiv region reveal the real face of the occupiers. To take care of the survivors of the occupation, both the teams KSE Foundation and Dobrobut Medical Network launch the raising funds for a new mobile medical center.

A mobile medical center and a team of Dobrobut doctors will arrive in towns and villages of Ukraine, which our defenders are liberating from the Russians and will provide all the necessary assistance to the locals.

We cannot fix what happened, but we can help get through it!

We have launched a KSE Foundation Telegram channel: ​​

You can find up-to-date reports, partnership announcements, and recent news about the foundation’s activities. We release our posts in English and Ukrainian and invite you to join our community!

The KSE Foundation discloses its charitable activities for audit. Crowe Ukraine will conduct an audit of the philanthropic activities of the KSE Foundation in March 2022. Crowe Ukraine will also carry out a monthly audit of the Foundation’s activities in the following months.

The task of the audit is to verify all the funds being used for their intended purpose and do not stay idle on the accounts, with contracts executed, and time deliveries. Moreover, the auditors will provide recommendations for further improvement of the Fund’s process and operations.

Our guiding principles 

We believe that transparency, solid governance, and regular audit are fundamental for successful and sustainable programming. They also create trust between the donors and the Foundation. 

Fundraising is centralized on confirmed organization accounts. No individual accounts are used for fundraising purposes. All funds are used efficiently and promptly. Funds remain on accounts not more than 1-2 days). Leftover financial balances on accounts are minimal (1-3% of overall monthly turnover).
All target funding is utilized for the intended purpose. There are no undone contracts, no fraud, and waste.
Finance inflow and outflow correspond with all procurements and services.
All procurements correspond with specifications provided by experts, donors, and recipients. Costs of purchased humanitarian goods are equal to or less than the current market price. 
All deliveries correspond with invoiced paid, number of items purchased, costs, destination, and recipient. Delivery delays do not exceed 5-10% of all contracts.
Operational and financial losses do not exceed 1-5%. Losses include poor quality supplies, forfeiture, expenses due to delays, and reimbursements.
All operational and administrative expenses (exchange rate difference, salaries, etc.) do not exceed 2% of all collected funds, i.e., less than the international standard rate (5%).

Thank you for your support of Ukraine!

KSE Charitable Foundation is de jure two foundations, one registered in the US, 501.c.3, and another in Ukraine. The US foundation has more than 20 years of experience and has a track record of humanitarian relief efforts in the 1990s, 2004, 2013-2016, and 2022. The Ukraine government endorses our campaign and programming, the Ministry of Health, and the Territorial Defense.  Opinion leaders such as Paul Krugman, Nicolas Cristakis and Michael A. McFaul have endorsed our campaign. Large Ukrainian and International companies and charities have donated to the KSE campaign, including Ripple, Everstake, Naftogaz, Jefferies, etc. 

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.