Svitlana Denysenko, director of the KSE Foundation, was included in the list of Forbes Ukraine “30 under 30”!

Svitlana is the soul and heart of the charity foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics. A person whose efforts have built a community of help and support for thousands of Ukrainians: from military personnel on the front lines to children who have returned to their schools thanks to the arranged shelters.

Professional, tireless, inspired, inspiring – that’s about her.

Under her leadership KSE Foundation since the beginning of the full-scale invasion:

  • raised $70 million to help Ukraine and Ukrainians!
  • received the “Golden Heart” award from the President of Ukraine,
  • took 4th place in the Forbes Ukraine rating among non-governmental foundations and public organizations that most effectively raise funds to support Ukrainians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
  • became the first non-state charitable foundation that the Government involved in the restoration of medical infrastructure, handed over 1,500 drones, thousands of body armor and helmets to the front line,
  • covered 10% of the Ministry of health need for first-aid kits at the beginning of a full-scale invasion,
  • returned 13,000 schoolchildren to safe education,
  • …and did many more things that are covered publicly, and some remain behind the scenes. However, all of them happen thanks to Svitlana’s dedication.

It is she who is behind large-scale charity events abroad and in Ukraine, which collect millions of dollars to help Ukrainians in one evening. And Svitlana is also behind the systematic building of trust with the best benefactors who make contributions from a few UAH to millions of dollars.

Over the past year and a half, we have seen her in evening dresses during charity evenings and in a bulletproof vest during trips to Donbas. And now we are happy to see her in the columns of Forbes Ukraine and congratulate her on the well-deserved nomination!

This is what Roman Basalyha, who works side by side with her every day for Ukraine, says about Svitlana Denysenko: “If you have a project that, at first glance, is impossible to implement, involve Svitlana. Nothing is impossible for her. Tirelessness, devotion, care, a sharp mind – this is only a small list of qualities that Svitlana possesses and which fit so harmoniously into the picture of the implemented projects.”

30 under 30 on Forbes and always #1 for our team! We are proud!

For information.

Forbes Ukraine has made the “30 under 30” list for the fourth time. The project has a simple basic idea: to find incredible young people and use their example to inspire others. It seems that the philosophy needs to be changed: Ukrainian youth are extremely motivated, there were more than 600 people on the long list, and the stories of most of them are inspiring. With the help of a competent jury, thirty were selected.

Almost half of the list consists of important people of our time – military and volunteers.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.