Kyiv School of Economics continues work on the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure of the liberated cities and towns of Ukraine. Previously, the Charity Fund of the Kyiv School of Economics KSE Foundation collected funds for education, now the goal of saving lives and rebuilding a capable, innovative, strong Ukraine has been added to this strategic goal. Despite the war, the Kyiv School of Economics is convinced that the restoration of Ukraine needs to be done today.

One of such reconstruction projects, implemented by the KSE Foundation, is the restoration of the Makariv Medical Outpatient Clinic:

On March 28, 2022, a medical clinic in the village of Makariv, in the Kyiv region, was destroyed by a direct missile hit. At the place where there used to be a medical facility, only a fire was left.

Then, the team of the Charity Fund of the Kyiv School of Economics took on the ambitious goal of rebuilding the completely destroyed outpatient clinic. The KSE Foundation became the first non-governmental foundation that the authorities involved in helping to rebuild the medical infrastructure. Read more about the conducted reconstruction of the medical outpatient clinic

KSE Foundation continues to raise funds to cover the essential expenses of the reconstruction project. As of today, $195,000 has been collected out of the required $850,000. Support the project

The reconstruction of the Makariv outpatient clinic was made possible through the joint efforts of the KSE Foundation, the Ministry of Health, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, local authorities, the staff of the dispensary, as well as Ukrainian and international benefactors. 500 square meters of the medical facility was completely restored. 19 doctors will work in the clinic, which will serve 19,300 patients, including 4,000 children.

Ukrainian and international benefactors were involved in the reconstruction of the dispensary: UKRGAZBANK, Carlsberg Ukraine, VISA, Chernovetskyi Investment Group, Energy Resources of Ukraine, SOCAR, the design project was created by the Bogdanova Bureau team.