A year ago, on March 28, 2022, the dispensary in the village of Makariv was destroyed by a direct missile hit. Today, 500 square meters of the medical facility have been completely restored thanks to the joint work of the KSE Foundation, the Ministry of Health, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, the local government, the staff of the outpatient clinic, as well as Ukrainian and international benefactors.

The outpatient clinic was rebuilt from scratch – the foundation was laid anew, the ceiling was installed and a modern facility was built according to the best international standards. 19 doctors will work in the restored outpatient clinic, 19,300 patients are under the care of the medical facility, 4,000 of them are children.

During the occupation, more than 2,000 buildings and almost the entire infrastructure were destroyed in Makariv. Despite the war, the Kyiv School of Economics is convinced that the restoration of Ukraine needs to be done today:

“Today, the question is often heard, is it necessary to rebuild Ukraine now, while the war continues? But the point is to show that people have the right to quality medicine and can get it during wartime. No need to wait. The better we all work together now, the sooner the war will end. And this dispensary is an example of the fact that we win together. This reconstruction became possible thanks to all of you,” – says Tymofiy Mylovanov, president of the Kyiv School of Economics.

The KSE Foundation team was engaged in raising funds for the restoration of the facility — the charitable foundation became the first non-governmental foundation that the authorities involved in helping to restore the medical infrastructure:

“The restored dispensary is a kind of symbol of our indomitability, that no matter what blows the enemy inflicts, victory is ours. We will rebuild even better in the place of the destroyed one. Thanks to all partners who joined the reconstruction project. I am very grateful to the Kyiv School of Economics and directly to Tymofii Mylovanov for the fact that he undertook to fundraise the funds that were realized in this beautiful object. In the near future, medical life will begin here, family doctors will appear, and residents of Makariv will receive qualified assistance,” – said Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health.

Ukrainian and international benefactors were involved in the reconstruction of the dispensary: UKRGAZBANK, Carlsberg Ukraine, VISA, Chernovetskyi Investment Group, Vodafone Ukraine, Energy Resources of Ukraine, SOCAR, the design project was created by the Bogdanova Bureau team.

“This year, through the joint efforts of the government and business, we showed an example of how the principles of “Build Back Better” are implemented in practice. On the site of destroyed outpatient clinics, we are rebuilding medical facilities according to the best international standards. After all, Ukrainians should already be provided with high-quality services in modern medical institutions,” – says Vitalii Vlasiuk, deputy head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration. 

For effective cooperation, a memorandum was signed between the KSE, the Ministry of Health, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration and the Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Makariv Primary Health Care Center”. This document became an effective tool for resuming the work of the outpatient clinic in Makarov.

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