The second stage of Talents For Ukraine is gaining momentum, as new applications for participation are coming in, and we are announcing the second trio of winners who will receive grants for personal development from the KSE Foundation!

⭐️ Vitaliy Deinega – the founder of the charitable foundation “Return Alive” and the media outlet “Ukrainian Witness,” a former deputy minister of defense for digital development, digital transformations, and digitalization. Currently, amidst the full-scale war, one of Vitaliy’s key tasks is the development of the media project “Ukrainian Witness,” aimed at informing the widest audience possible about the war in Ukraine. Journalists from “Ukrainian Witness” were the first to film war crimes by Russians in Irpin, Chernobyl, Kherson, and other cities. These footages were featured in major global media outlets.

“None of my projects would have been possible without a huge number of people, their faith, and support,” emphasizes Vitaliy.

⭐️ Khrystyna Hnatyenko – the youngest doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in Ukraine, a professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics at Lviv National University. Besides science, Khrystyna is professionally engaged in playing the violin – she holds a Master of Music degree. Among the professor’s awards are the prizes of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for young scientists in 2021 and the victory in the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science in 2023.

“Persistent work can lead to sustainable success,” believes Khrystyna.

⭐️ Andriy Lyubka – a Ukrainian poet, translator, and essayist, whose novels and poems are well-known worldwide. However, the major war changed the poet’s life, and he became a volunteer. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Andriy’s team has managed to collect over 1 million euros in charitable contributions, which were used to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces – off-road vehicles, pickups, minibusses.

“During numerous trips to the front lines and occupied territories, I had hundreds of opportunities to meet exceptional individuals among the military and civilians, who are worthy of being written about in essay form,” says Andriy, so we look forward to his new works!

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