Kyrylo is the commander of the medical unit in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since 2015, he has supervised the work of hospitals in 25% of the entire area where the anti-terrorist operation took place and managed the treatment during the evacuation stages of wounded soldiers. Thousands of military personnel gained experience in tactical medicine with him, studying in the combat zone – 150 meters from the enemy.

And now Kyrylo is also a student of the Kyiv School of Economics!

The military doctor received a grant from the KSE Foundation for all academic years to obtain a master’s degree in Public Policy and Governance. He chose this specialization, because after the victory he plans to work on European integration processes in the country.

“Now I have the opportunity to attend a university, get a quality education and develop in parallel with the continuation of my service. We’re all a little burned out by war because it’s blood, grief, tears, and sweat. The war forced me to learn to acquire new knowledge very quickly. Now this skill will be useful in the reconstruction of the state thanks to studying at KSE”, – said Kyrylo Savichan.

Studies at the Kyiv School of Economics have already begun: “I already like my studies very much, although only a few classes have passed. I will learn a lot and I am sure it will be a very interesting experience. I continue to do socially important work, but studying will also take a lot of time. This week I will visit classes offline, because I want to see everyone.”

The military doctor participated in the defense of Kyiv in the Brovary direction – then he replaced the previous head of the medical service, who died during the evacuation of wounded soldiers. However, he began his fight against the enemy back in 2015.

“At the beginning of 2015, we were evacuating patients at one of the military airfields near Kharkiv. Then we saw the Mi-8 rotorcraft in the air, which had been in storage for decades. That’s when we realized that we will win, because our most important capital is those people who can launch even such a technique. Thanks to people, we will win. Although it will be a long way,” – says Kyrylo Savichan.

Today, Kyrylo still continues his service and sometimes goes on long-term trips to monitor the work of hospitals in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

We are proud to see Kyrylo among KSE students!😊

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