Makovyshchanska Gymnasium (Makovyshche village, Kyiv region). The school has 90 students, 29 of whom are preschoolers from two years old


The school not only survived the occupation but also persevered despite enduring significant destruction. A direct hit from an enemy shell resulted in the destruction of 300 m2 of the roof. Despite these challenges, the gymnasium boasts the highest inclusion rate in the district, providing education to children with psychological and intellectual disabilities, as well as those on the autistic spectrum.

Following the hostilities, psychologists diagnosed the children with heightened anxiety. For them, the shelter serves as more than just physical protection; it is also a vital source of psychological support as they recover from their experiences.

The Ukrainian flag near the school building remained raised throughout the occupation. The enemy did not manage to remove it, it remains raised to this day.

During the occupation, this basement was a shelter for half of the village residents. However, now this damp and dark room, which is constantly flooded during downpours, needs to be renovated and create comfortable conditions.

Together, we can achieve this: to provide a reliable shelter in this school, we need to raise about 360,000 UAH.

The overall goal of the #ThreadofProtection campaign is to create shelters in two rural educational institutions: Brusyliv Art School and Makovishchanska Gymnasium. To achieve this, we need to raise 720,000 UAH.

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