The KSE Foundation donated medical devices for treating jaundice in infants to the Kropyvnytskyi Maternity Hospital.

War has increased risks for the medical system, with Ukrainian children being born in bomb shelters and in need of special protection. International partners of the KSE Foundation have initiated assistance to the youngest Ukrainians to save the lives of those who are just beginning theirs.

Jaundice is a common diagnosis that can lead to complications and serious damage to the central nervous system. Last month, the hospital witnessed the birth of 100 babies, including 50 boys and 50 girls. A majority of them had jaundice, which is usually harmless. However, for some infants in the high-risk group (e.g., due to blood incompatibility between mother and baby or congenital anemia), jaundice can lead to severe brain damage, coma, and even death.

To address this serious issue, the maternity hospital takes an active approach. Every newborn showing signs of high-risk jaundice undergoes treatment in a special box. The KSE Foundation donated 10 upper and lower phototherapy lamps to the medical facility. Phototherapy is currently the most effective treatment for jaundice, and the more time a baby spends under the lamp, the faster bilirubin breaks down, reducing risks.

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