In autumn 2022, the charity foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics launched the all-Ukrainian program for arranging shelters in schools and kindergartens of the country “ZAKHYSTOK: Safe Education”. During this time, the KSE Foundation has raised USD 1,900,000 for the repair of shelters throughout Ukraine and has already returned more than 13,000 children to full-time education!

The goal of the program remains unchanged: to restore the right to offline education to as many children as possible.

Since the start of the program, Ukrainian and international business, private philanthropists have joined the protection of schoolchildren in Ukraine, and ONUKA has become an ambassador of the project.

You can apply for a shelter by filling out the form at the link: On the same page, you can make a charitable contribution to improve the safety of schools in Ukraine.

The greatest contribution to the implementation of the program was made by:

Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine. As of September 2023, the Ukrainian bank has become the largest benefactor of ZAKHYSTOK, having contributed 1 million euros – these funds are already helping to return tens of thousands of schoolchildren to the school desks. 

XTX Markets. A leading algorithmic trading firm made a significant contribution of $500,000. Thanks to the XTX Markets team, about 10,000 children will return to their usual school childhood and education.

UKRPOSHTA and Ukrainians. The national postal operator made a special contribution – funds from the sale of a charity postage stamp with Banksy’s image “PTN PNH!” were sent to create ZAKHYSTOK. Everyone who bought this remarkable brand contributed to the arrangement of the shelters.

Among the biggest benefactors of the project, which is being implemented for schoolchildren of Ukraine: OKKO, Dragon Capital, AEQUO, FUIB, Farmak, Kyivstar.

“We have already received 526 applications for arrangement from schools that need shelter. And there are more of them every day. But thanks to our partners, we are able to respond to this challenge. Almost $2 million is an incredible result that will allow tens of thousands of children to return to school. After all, we started with 10 thousand dollars from the international community that believed in our mission. At the same time, the need to support safe education in Ukraine is much greater, so the collection for ZAKHYSTOK continues”, – says Svitlana Denysenko, director of the KSE Foundation.

The arrangement of comfortable shelters allows not only to improve the educational process thanks to face-to-face classes, but also allows you to take care of their socialization. 

Thanks to benefactors, any school or kindergarten that needs one can apply for a shelter – the program is implemented by the KSE Foundation on an open basis.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.