The terrible consequences of the Russian occupation of Bucha, Irpin and other cities of the Kyiv region reveal the real face of the occupiers. Marauders, murderers and rapists left behind ruins, mutilated people, bombed out houses and mountains of garbage.

To take care of the survivors of the occupation, both the teams of KSE Foundation and Dobrobut Medical Network launch the raise of funds for a new mobile medical center.

“The KSE Foundation has raised funds in order to help defenders of Ukraine since the very beginning of the war. Fundraising became our priority and is considered to be a major objective for us until the war is over. However, we have no moral right to leave behind Ukrainian citizens, needing help so badly,” the Director of the KSE Foundation Svitlana Denysenko said.

A mobile medical center and a team of Dobrobut doctors will arrive in towns and villages of Ukraine, which our defenders are liberating from the Russians, and will provide all the necessary assistance to the locals.

To this end, KSE Foundation and Dobrobut together launch a fundraiser campaign for the opening and the first month of operation of Dobrobut help center. We are convinced, our common support will help people recover as quickly as possible from the consequences of the occupiers’ crimes and alleviate the suffering of those who now need help and care.

“The devastating consequences of the occupation of Russian troops are growing – new evidences of their brutality are emerging every day. But the main thing now is to help our people who survived this invasion and are in urgent need of medical and human care,” said Vadym Shekman, Chief Executive Officer of the Dobrobut Medical Network.

We cannot fix what happened, but we can help to get through it!