Thanks to the «Talents For Ukraine», we have the opportunity to introduce you to three more amazing Ukrainians who became winners of the program and received grants for their own development from the KSE Foundation.

Iryna Solovei is a community development strategist and president of the Garage Gang public organization since 2008, co-founder of the Big Idea social innovation platform and strategy consultant for the Code City urban development program. Iryna considers the main goal of her professional activity to popularize the idea of sustainable development of cities through strengthening creative potential, joint funding of public initiatives, strengthening the influence of self-organized initiatives through the accumulation of social capital and talent development. He teaches courses on crowdfunding and fundraising strategies at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Denys Sheka professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Department of Nanophysics of Condensed Environments, who popularizes Ukrainian science in the world. One of the founders and the world’s leading specialist in the theory of curvilinear magnetism the most modern branch of magnetism, which deals with the study of effects caused by the curved geometry of magnetic materials. This direction of scientific research finds many applications in various fields from spintronics to robotics. Has more than 250 scientific publications, including articles in the most prestigious journals, such as Nature, monographs and review articles. Prize laureate of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine named after O.S. Davydova, scholarship holder of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, recipient of the «Grant of the President of Ukraine to Doctors of Science for Scientific Research».

Serhiy Koshman is a Civil Society Activist, a former coordinator of the «We are Europeans» movement. After 2014, our winner joined the creation of the Aspen Institute Kyiv in Ukraine and became the founding director of this organization. The main goal of the activist is the Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, integration into the global industry of ideas, adoption of best practices, development of social norms and expansion of social capital in our society.

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