In September of last year, a nationwide campaign to set up shelters in educational institutions by the KSE Foundation started in Ukraine. During this time, more than 8,000 schoolchildren and preschoolers returned to their desks, and the goal of charity foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics increased from 100 to 300 equipped storage facilities throughout the country!

In order to provide access to high-quality offline classes to as many schoolchildren as possible, the KSE Foundation has developed an effective system of high-quality and prompt arrangement of storage facilities. During this summer, the charitable foundation planned to send up to 10,000 children back to school before the first bell!

Each of the equipped shelters will become ZAKHYSTOK – this is the name given to a new stage of the “Safe Education” project by the KSE Foundation.


  • stands on guard to ensure one of the basic rights of the child
  • provides decent conditions for offline learning
  • stabilizes the psychological and emotional state of children
  • supports the Ukrainian educational system during the war
  • unites like-minded people who are ready to invest in the future

In ZAKHYSTOK, we save and grow the future of Ukraine💛

As a reminder, the basic condition for granting permission to educational institutions to return to offline classes is the availability of shelter that meets the requirements of the State Emergency Service. KSE Foundation arranges modern shelters in accordance with all safety and sanitary norms, so thousands of schoolers return to their native schools. 

Every school that does not have a reliable shelter for schoolers can submit an application for its arrangement. On the same page, everyone can make a contribution to protect the children of Ukraine.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.