In the Tarashchanskyi academic lyceum “Erudite” in the Kyiv region, the repair of the shelter has begun. The shelter will allow to resume face-to-face lessons for 600 schoolchildren – the arrangement is being carried out by the KSE Foundation with the support of the law firm Arzinger.

“We understand that the issue of a safe educational space is extremely acute in our country, especially in regions with intense shelling. Now no one knows when the war will end. Access to education is one of the goals of the UN Global Compact, to which we are signatories. Therefore, supporting the “ZAKHYSTOK” project is an extremely important direction of Arzinger’s corporate social responsibility. We must give children the opportunity to study together with their classmates and teachers. And while our soldiers protect Ukraine at the front line, we have to do everything possible to make the children feel safe here at home,” – comments Timur Bondaryev, Founding and Managing Partner of Arzinger.

The oldest building of the lyceum is more than 125 years old and is a historical monument for the inhabitants of the city of Tarashcha, but the building only has a small basement, which was previously used for storing vegetables.

Therefore, in order for the school to be able to resume offline classes for all students, the local polyclinic allocated its own basement to the students. The medical facility is located in 2 minutes walking from the school – all children will be quickly evacuated to the shelter.

Today, the shelter is under renovation for 300 m2 of space. Dismantling work and finishing of the walls and ceiling began here. In the next stages, the floor screed will be installed, toilet cabins will be installed, electrical wiring and lighting will be replaced, ventilation will be installed, etc.

Even before the New Year holidays, the lyceum will be able to return all children to their desks who previously studied in a mixed format.

“After remote classes, we noticed serious educational losses among children. In addition, they lose communication skills while sitting at home,” – says Liudmyla Hulianitska, the director of the Tarashchanskyi lyceum “Erudite”.

In the 90s, this school was recognized as the best in the Kyiv region and remains a model to this day:

“This year, among 372 educational institutions of the Kyiv region, our lyceum took the 23rd position among all the institutions of the region, in particular private and well-known schools from big cities. Our graduates have high results of external examinations and multi-subject national testing, students defended the lion’s share of prize places in the community team at regional olympiads, every year they represent united territorial community at the II stage of the contests-defenses of research and experimental works of the Small Academy of Sciences, they become their winners and prize-winners, school sports teams are annual champions of the community in football, volleyball, basketball, tennis…”, – Liudmyla Hulianitska is proud.

As part of the All-Ukrainian program “ZAKHYSTOK: Safe Education” by the KSE Foundation, more than 40 shelters in schools and kindergartens of Ukraine have already been repaired. Thanks to the Foundation’s benefactors, 14,500 children have already returned to offline education!

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