The next winners of the «Talents For Ukraine» program are Ukrainian women who have a powerful influence and popularize Ukraine and our culture. We are sure that the grants that the girls received for their own development will go towards strengthening the interests of our state.

⭐️Zoya Stetsenko is the author and developer of innovative products in the field of IT and artificial intelligence. The most important thing for Zoya now is the non-profit social project for children Kazka. This service uses artificial intelligence to generate fairy tales in Ukrainian based on the wishes of the child. In the first 4 weeks, the project had more than 3,000 registrations and more than 6,000 created Ukrainian fairy tales. Our winner believes that work on increasing access to the Ukrainian language among children is an important step in strengthening our cultural heritage and promoting civic development.

⭐️Kristina Berdynskikh is a freelance journalist. The author of the project «Yelyudi» about the participants of the Revolution of Dignity, whose stories became the basis for the book. Kristina received the award named after Oleksandr Kryvenko «For progress in journalism» for that project. After 15 years in journalism, she decided to become an independent journalist and writes for Western media, talking about the war. In 2022, she was included in the BBC’s list of top 100 women who inspire the world. Christina’s goal is to stay in journalism for many years and write about Ukraine.

⭐️Khalilova Gulsum is a journalist, blogger and host of the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR. On the channel, she actively covers the situation with human rights violations in Crimea, the consequences of the occupation, pressure on the Crimean Tatars. Gulsum considers opposition to Russian propaganda in strategically important countries for Ukraine, such as Turkey, to be one of the most important areas of his journalistic activity. Thanks to her Twitter account, the blogger has the opportunity to convey the truth about the war to tens of millions of people from all over the world. In 2022, our winner shot a documentary called «Dream», where she showed the Turkish audience all the horrors of the Russian occupiers in Bucha, Gostomel and Irpen. In the fall of 2022, the Global Council of Journalists of Turkey presented Gulsum with the award in the nomination «The best journalist of the year in conditions of war».

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