Anhelina is an expert in defense governance.

And today she also became a student of the Kyiv School of Economics, having received the opportunity to study for free at the master’s program “Public Policy and Governance”!

The cost of all the academic years for her will be covered by the KSE Foundation thanks to benefactors.

“Kyiv School of Economics is a powerful institution with not only an authoritative Ukrainian name, but also an international one. In recent years, I have followed the rapid development of the school and the results achieved by the university thanks to the teachers. I believe that highly qualified education at KSE will help to shape the Ukrainian state not in a revolutionary way, but in an evolutionary way. This is a key initiative that should be supported and expanded by many other educational institutions,” – says the military personnel Anhelina.

In 2018, Anhelina resigned from military service in the reserve in order to raise three small children. For a while, she worked as a teacher at the Military University, but before the full-scale invasion began, she got into a project related to the defense field.

Now the girl works in the field of defense governance and provides expert assistance in the security and defense sector. Skills and knowledge acquired during her master’s degree at KSE will help her in shaping a democratic society in the future.

“After returning to civilian life, military personnel face painful reintegration processes. If you look at the latest social surveys among the military, they are most afraid that they will not be able to find themselves in civilian life when they return. A grant to study at the Kyiv School of Economics gives them the opportunity to see their role in society and feel that their merits are properly evaluated,” – Anhelina is sure.

The team of the charity foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics sincerely wishes Anhelina success in her studies!

The scholarship program for obtaining the desired higher education for military personnel, their children, children of fallen soldiers and children of IDPs exists thanks to the benefactors of the KSE Foundation. Make a contribution for the provision of training grants (select the option TalentPRO/ Scholarships for War-Affected)

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