Every day military personnel are injured during the defense of Ukraine. Helping them recover faster and avoid complications is an important mission that our doctors are working on.

And the PUMB team makes their work more effective thanks to modern technologies – for the bank’s contribution of 300,000 UAH, the KSE Foundation purchased a negative pressure wound healing system!

The device has already been mastered by the doctors of the military hospital in Vinnytsia – an advanced medical facility that specializes in the recovery of Ukrainian defenders after complex injuries and traumas.

Therapeutic system KCI ActiV.A.C. is a complex technological system that promotes faster healing of wounds and burns of various severity. The time of treatment for military personnel can last up to 25 days, depending on the complexity and location of the lesion. During this time, even a severe wound heals without the risk of infection and other complications.

The kit, purchased with the contribution of PUMB, includes a portable system for treating wounds under negative pressure and additional materials for treatment, in particular, the latest dressings that do not need to be changed for several days.

The device is already used by local doctors and helps soldiers that were wounded on the front line. One of the doctors who mastered the technology is surgeon Dmytro Yatskov.

After February 24, doctor-surgeon Dmytro Yatskov had to quickly switch to work with extremely severe gunshot wounds and mine-explosive injuries. Having 17 years of experience in surgery, Dmytro saved dozens of soldiers. Today, the majority of his patients require VAC therapy – treatment of wounds with the help of negative pressure.

“Almost every soldier with a wound needs therapy with a vacuum apparatus, because at the moment this treatment has no analogues. There are more and more gunshot wounds and blast injuries now, and VAC therapy helps a lot – it’s a good treatment for long-healing wounds. It greatly accelerates the regeneration of major tissue damage and defects,” – says Dmytro Yatskov.

The military hospital in Vinnytsia specializes in helping the seriously wounded – this is where the military personnel come in with severe skin damage, amputations, etc., says the surgeon: “Some have no part of the skin, there is a tissue defect, the wounds are heavily infected after an explosive injury. In such cases, it is not enough to use local bandages or antibiotics, VAC therapy is required.”

The KCI ActiV.A.C system is a mobile compact device with a battery. In most cases, it is placed on the lower and upper limbs or the abdominal wall when injured.

“This system does not allow pathogenic microorganisms to develop. The device quickly cleans the wound, stimulates the growth of soft tissues that ensure healing. The system is installed for 2-3 days, and the built-in battery allows soldiers to go for walks with the device connected, the device does not cause pain. Then there is an evaluation of the results with possible further treatment. In some patients, the system can be installed 4-6 times, depending on the complexity of the wounds,” – says Dmytro Yatskov.

VAC therapy systems for the hospitals means saved lives. The device works effectively even in the case of the most serious injuries, when in its absence the chance of saving the injured person is reduced many times.


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