Bohdan Salenko is a 16-year-old inventor from the Poltava region. A student of the eleventh grade created a device that allows you to find fragments in the body of a wounded person.

Detection takes place with the help of a microphone and an oscilloscope – they record the amplitude-frequency characteristics and reveal not only the location of the fragment, but also its material and size. The device is portable, does not require surgical intervention and minimizes trauma. Bohdan has already received an award from the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and international awards.

The young inventor is a student of the Physics and Mathematics lyceum in Kremenchuk. Here, the Olena Zelenska Foundation and the KSE Foundation are setting up one of the first shelters.

The school switched to distance studying immediately after the full-scale invasion. Hundreds of talented school children and future inventors, like Bohdan, were limited in their ability to obtain quality knowledge. It is especially difficult for first classes.

Basic repair work has already been completed in the shelter of the lyceum. Soon all 1,134 schoolboys and schoolgirls will return to their desks. Also, the kindergarten nearby will be able to resume full-fledged work – the shelter will be a protection for 60 of its pupils.

The shelter at the Physics and Mathematics lyceum in Kremenchuk is one of the first seven shelters that the Olena Zelenska Foundation, together with the KSE Foundation, are arranging in four regions of Ukraine.


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