100,000 UAH were transferred by the NGO “World Vyshyvanka Day” and the founder of this holiday, Lesia Voroniuk, to equip a shelter at the Brusyliv Art School in Zhytomyr region!

These funds allowed the KSE Foundation to start renovations in the basement of the school to bring 166 of its pupils back to creativity.

“For the public organization “World Vyshyvanka Day”, involvement in volunteer humanitarian initiatives is a priority in every cultural project. Culture is a spiritual weapon, which is currently turning into physical armor. We are glad that thanks to the book “IMPERISHABLE” we were able to join the KSE Foundation’s initiative to equip school shelters, and we are transferring 100,000 UAH,” – says Lesia Voroniuk, the founder of the World Vyshyvanka Day and the winner of the “Talents for Ukraine” grant program from the KSE Foundation.

The KSE Foundation launched a fundraiser to equip a shelter at the Brusyliv Art School before Vyshyvanka Day – so the campaign was called #ThreadOfProtection:

“The symbol of this gathering became the thread with which our ancestors carried through time the ornaments that protect us today. Vyshyvanka is a wonderful symbol and a reminder to all of us that we must work together and each do their part. We are extremely grateful to Lesia Voroniuk and the entire team of the NGO “World Vyshyvanka Day” for joining and making such a great contribution. It is especially valuable for us that the funds for the shelter were collected from the sale of the book “IMPERISHABLE” – not just a photo album, but an important project for the preservation of cultural heritage,” – says Svitlana Denysenko, director of the KSE Foundation.

Brusyliv Art School is the only extracurricular educational institution operating in the community. The school is located in the village of Brusyliv, 12 kilometers from the Zhytomyr highway, where heavy fighting took place in March last year. Students witnessed many tragic events, and the opportunity to return to creativity became especially important for them. While the arrangement of the shelter at the school is still ongoing, the staff of the institution is already making plans to not only be able to resume full classes for students, but also to continue them despite the air alarms: 

“We have several pianos, one of which we plan to move to a shelter. And in general, during times of alarm, we will take musical instruments, easels with us to the shelter and continue classes – for children, this is an opportunity to distract themselves from the feeling of danger,” – says Larysa Ivasenko, the director of the educational institution.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, this school became the headquarters of humanitarian aid, now the educational institution needs our support. Make a contribution to the arrangement of shelters within the framework of the all-Ukrainian campaign “ZAKHYSTOK: Safe Education”

We will remind you that the schoolers of the Brusyliv Art School, dressed in embroidered shirts for the Day of Vyshyvanka, went down to the basement of their educational institution, unsuitable for a long stay, to show us the premises, which will soon become a reliable protection for them. This excursion became the basis of the photo exhibition “Children of Shelters”, which KSE Foundation presented on the occasion of Children’s Day. Learn more about the photo exhibition