Victory is forged in different areas: at the front line, in the trenches of the front line, in the rear and on the international arena. But in each case, it is acquired step by step by our people – smart, strong, talented Ukrainians. In order to give them resources for development in the difficult conditions of martial law, the KSE Foundation launched the “Talents For Ukraine” grant program with a budget of $1,000,000.

This program is unprecedented for Ukraine. The amount of the grant is $5,000 and is given to a person for his desire to change the country and the ability to achieve results. The grant is not provided for the implementation of startups or business plans and is not a reward for significant achievements. Instead, it aims to support the individual – the jury pays attention to thought processes, proactivity, resourcefulness and potential impact on society.

“What can a person do if you give him a financial start of $5,000? We believe that he can change the world. There are a lot of talented people in Ukraine, and they make things better around them every day – from local to international changes. But everyone needs support. “Talents For Ukraine” is an investment in a person and his worldview. Our winners spend grant money on very polar things: someone buys materials to build drones; someone organizes foreign music tours to raise money for the Army; someone invests them in their team; someone sends a grant for training. It is important for us not to create a framework – everyone decides independently how to dispose of the grant and does not have to report”, – said Svitlana Denysenko, director of the KSE Foundation.

To apply for a grant, you need to fill out the application form on the KSE Foundation web portal and add a motivation letter where you can tell your story, describe your talents, skills and share your dreams.

The grant program started in autumn of 2022 to support the development of Ukrainians under martial law. Today, 84 people have already become the winners of “Talents for Ukraine”, applications are being accepted until the entire program budget of $1,000,000 is used up.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.