Talents For Ukraine

COLLECTION START 3 November 2022
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Thanks to the support of international donors, in 2022, the KSE Foundation initiated the Talents for Ukraine grant program to support a new generation of leaders. Talents for Ukraine recognizes the transformative power of individuals and their impact on society. The grant is awarded to individuals who aspire to change the country and are capable of achieving results.

In the first stage, the jury identified 150 winners who made it into the KSE150 ranking. In 2024, the program continues, marking its second stage. Each stage of the program has a total budget of $1,000,000. The grant size is determined individually by the jury members, averaging around $5,000. The second stage of Talents for Ukraine focuses on supporting STEM disciplines, with approximately 60% of the total budget allocated to grants for talented engineers, innovative scientists, bioengineers, chemists, and outstanding mathematicians. The remaining 40% will be directed towards supporting talents in other fields, such as cultural figures, civil society activists, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc.


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