The Charity Foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics offers a grant program to support war veterans, defenders of the country and their children, as well as children of IDPs in obtaining higher education. This year, 700 entrants will receive scholarships to study at KSE. Financial aid has already been allocated to 150 military personnel, their children and forced migrants. Applications are accepted until July 31.

KSE Foundation Director Svitlana Denysenko said this today, on 14 of July, during a briefing at the Military Media Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. 

“We offer grants for training and a community that will be supportive and understanding, one that will give new meaning to moving forward. We offer grants to every veteran who wants to continue protecting Ukraine already in the economic sphere. Get the best education in Ukraine and build a new economy already in civilian life. It can be both the acquisition of a new profession and professional growth in master’s programs”, – said Svitlana Denysenko, director of the KSE Foundation.

The grant program provides financial assistance for studying at KSE and covers a wide range of specialties – from law and psychology to applied mathematics and the field of artificial intelligence. In total, 9 bachelor’s degree programs and 6 master’s degrees are available for entrants.

War veterans, children of military personnel and fallen soldiers, as well as children who were forced to leave their homes due to the war, or who lived in an occupation or war zone, can receive scholarships.

“The parents of thousands of children gave their lives for us and our country. We must do everything in our power to become a reliable support for them. The future of Ukraine is behind them, and we will support them in its development”, – Svitlana Denysenko notes.

The grant program of the Kyiv School of Economics is a part of comprehensive measures to support veterans returning to civilian life.

The grant fully covers the cost of higher education for all academic years, as well as covering 50% of the cost of living in a co-living room.

Students who receive scholarships will have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with the best universities in the world and will receive double degrees from the University of Houston and the University of Toronto.

You can get a scholarship online – all stages of application and selection are digitized. Candidates must prepare the necessary documents, fill out the application form on the website of the Kyiv School of Economics: and send a motivation letter. After passing the interview with the grant committee, the candidates will be notified of the decision.

In addition to grant-funded higher education for children of military personnel and reintegration and return to civilian life through training, the briefing also discussed the issue of upgrading the qualifications and acquiring a profession for military personnel returning home.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.