KSE Foundation continues to raise funds for the defenders of Ukraine during the war. We cooperate with our colleagues and partners from the regions of Ukraine to provide high-quality targeted assistance.

Together with «SKHID» Volunteer Center, the KSE Foundation team announces a fundraiser for special equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To carry out special operational tasks to destroy enemy armored vehicles and manpower, today two brigades need 60 off-road vehicles: pickups, jeeps and special buggies.

The purchase of 60 off-road vehicles will fully meet the needs of 60 mobile groups that will conduct active military operations against Russia in the hottest spots of the front.

Every day, Ukrainian troops liberate settlements previously captured by the invaders. For the effective and rapid liberation of the occupied territories, the necessary number of off-road vehicles is a crucial condition.

Mobility on the battlefield is an advantage, as it reduces personnel losses and disavows actions. For these reasons, we are confident that such a contribution will be a significant reinforcement of Ukrainian troops’ combat capabilities.

KSE Foundation will continue its work to raise additional funds and materials necessary for the Ukrainian military to carry out the tasks of liberating the territory of Ukraine from the Russian occupation, increasing the combat capability of Ukrainian units and saving the lives of our defenders.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.