A transport incubator for the rapid movement of babies, a neonatal incubator, devices for automation, diagnostics and saving lives – in cooperation with the British charity foundation Urgent project, the KSE Foundation donated almost $40,000 worth of equipment to the Kropyvnytskyi maternity hospital. 

“Effective assistance now depends significantly on international partnerships and established logistics. Find the necessary high-quality equipment, purchase it at a favorable price, organize fast and safe transportation. When it comes to children’s lives, efficiency and quality are especially important – thanks to international partners, we manage to combine these principles,” – says Maryna Borysenko, head of the KSE Foundation’s recovery department.

Every day Ukrainian women give birth in shelters, “the screams of newborns drown out all air alarms,” – says Liudmyla Romaniv, general director of the Kropyvnytskyi maternity hospital. This medical facility has been operating for more than 100 years – during this time, doctors calculated, 1 million babies were born here.

Because of the war, the maternity hospital was forced to duplicate all inpatient departments in the shelter.

“War is a great stress, and according to all statistics, the percentage of premature births increases during this period. And this is a huge problem in war zones. And where there is premature birth, special equipment is needed. Our main goal was to help save the lives of those who have not even begun to live. And also to protect the health of their mothers,” – says Eka Vekua, founder and curator of the British charity foundation Urgent project.

As soon as the air alarm starts, patients and hospital staff descend into the shelter – a basement, which, thanks to benefactors, is equipped with everything necessary to provide medical assistance.

“It doesn’t matter what stage of labor a woman is in, anxiety begins – and everyone goes to the shelter. Is the baby about to be born? The shelter has a delivery room and an operating room. Many boys and girls were born in our shelter, there are already dozens of children. Historical time, children born in shelters,” – says Liudmyla Romaniv.

Liudmyla says that when children are born who need surgery or artificial ventilation, it is especially important to transport them quickly and safely in case of an air alarm.

“We received both transport incubators and neonatal incubators from the KSE Foundation – a ventilator is connected to such an incubator, internal control of all indicators is carried out. This equipment repeats the stay in the abdominal cavity of the mother, but already with the help of specialists. When the air alarm starts, we lower the babies into the transport incubators and reconnect them to the ventilators already in the shelter,” – says Liudmyla Romaniv. 

A biochemical analyzer and a supply of biochemical materials for it for six months were also transferred to the maternity hospital; a blood gas analyzer together with an annual supply of reagents for 1150 ml; syringe pumps for dosed administration of medical drugs; neonatal tables and phototherapy lamps for the treatment of jaundice.

“All these devices save lives, there is not one that does not save lives. The work of the entire team depends on the equipment and on the operation of this equipment. Saving a woman’s life, saving a child’s life is a team effort, and everyone takes part in it,” – said Liudmyla Romaniv.

The charity foundation of the Kyiv School of Economics expresses its sincere gratitude to every benefactor who joins the rescue of the smallest Ukrainians. And also to the doctors and all the medical staff of the Kropyvnytskyi maternity hospital for their tireless work.

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