Hundreds of students of Vinnytsia Lyceum №17 can now study safely thanks to the joint efforts of the KSE Foundation and the Dragon Capital group of companies: an arrangement of a modern shelter worth over half a million UAH has been completed at the school. The shelter  was arranged as part of the All-Ukrainian project “Safe Education” of the KSE Foundation.

The Sky Park shopping center, which is part of Dragon Capital’s real estate portfolio, sponsored the arrangement of the shelter at Vinnytsia Lyceum №17. The Sky Park shopping center, located in the very center of Vinnytsia, occupies an active position in the life of the city and builds its activity on the principles of social responsibility.

The KSE Foundation, with the assistance of the Sky Park shopping center, not only equipped the shelter, but also increased its area: the reliable and bright shelter can already accommodate 120 people, soon the arrangement of additional premises will be completed and the total capacity will more than double. Inside there is heating, toilet rooms and all the necessary furniture for comfortable studying. Previously, the premises served as a workshop where labor lessons were held. Thanks to this social project, all primary and partially secondary schools were able to return to school.

Vinnytsia Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №17 has been operating since 1945. The institution has always topped the list of schools in terms of the number of Olympiad winners and, despite the war, its students continue to win educational awards. And now 78 talented internally displaced people have joined them! One of them is Kseniia Strelbytska.

The student left Mariupol after the occupation of the city and found a refuge in Vinnytsia region. The opportunity to continue high-quality studies at the lyceum and her own perseverance helped the eighth-grader win a first degree diploma at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in informatics and a third degree in mathematics.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, the educational institution closed and switched to distance learning with the help of its own educational platform. All this time, school employees helped the front line – they wove nets, molded dumplings and prepared up to 1,000 pies a day for territorial defense.

KSE Foundation and Sky Park shopping center are proud of the opportunity to help the lyceum return to offline classes and continue to educate an intelligent and diligent generation of Ukrainians.

Along with going offline, the school also launched a rescue service academy, where children learn first aid, emergency response and room evacuation.

The Dragon Capital group of companies is one of the largest benefactors of the All-Ukrainian project “Safe Education” from the KSE Foundation. With its support, four Ukrainian schools will receive reliable shelters.

In general, as of today, KSE Foundation has already arranged shelters in 21 educational institutions of Ukraine and is still working on the next ones!

You can take part in the “Safe Education” program by filling out the form at the link: On the same page, you can make a charitable contribution to improve the safety of schools in Ukraine.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.