ICU Financial Group is a reliable partner for wartime education. The company made a contribution of $100,000 during the KSE Foundation “Sustaining Ukraine Through Education” charity evening.

The donation will be directed to the development of the European level of education in Ukraine: from the quality of education to the arrangement of student spaces. The funds will allow the Kyiv School of Economics to provide scholarships to talented youth during the war. The contribution of the ICU team will also be directed to the arrangement of one of the most lively corners of the KSE campus – the Smart Yard. With the ICU, this space will continue to improve for the convenience of students.

The financial group has been supporting students and institutional development of the Kyiv School of Economics since 2016. The company was one of the first to join the educational mission of KSE, and has remained our reliable partner for many years.

The strategic partnership with ICU has become the key to the graduation of hundreds of masters in economics. And the ICU Event Hall on the KSE campus became the heart of the building and the venue for many notable events: Pulitzer Prize winners gave speeches, presented government initiatives and held discussions here.

As a reminder, during the charity evening “Sustaining Ukraine Through Education”, Ukrainian business and private benefactors collected $537,934 to support education in wartime conditions. The event took place in Kyiv on November 19.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.