Ukrainians pay with their lives for every day of Ukraine’s existence. Each of us who are not on the front lines must do what we can to reduce that price.

Last month contributions were made to us for $1,200,000 for reconnaissance drones. Drones save the lives of Ukrainians by allowing them to detect and destroy the enemy.

With these contributions, we have purchased almost 500 Mavic 3 quadcopters!

We did it together with Mariia Berlinska, the Victory Drones project and the Air Intelligence Support Center. 

In order to receive the equipment, military personnel take a special theoretical online course from the Victory Drones project, dedicated not only to the safe and effective control of UAVs, but also to the complex use of modern technologies in war. 

Military personnel also undergo practical training at the range under the guidance of the best specialists in this field.

You can apply for KSE Foundation drones using online form, developed and administered by our friends from Victory Drones:

We send drones to where they are most needed – in particular, to hot spots in the Bakhmut direction. Together with Mariia Berlinska, we keep in touch with the commanders.

Soon we will tell you more details about drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the the KSE Foundation.