Nova Ukraine is one of the key partners of the KSE Foundation in the implementation of charitable activities during the war.

Fruitful cooperation with representatives of Nova Ukraine, as well as financial assistance of the organization, helped us to achieve a number of important goals:

25,000 tourniquets to stop the blood have already arrived in Ukraine in different cities of Ukraine – from Mykolaiv to Kyiv

1500 first-aid kits with critical components transferred to the special forces and save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers at the frontline

2500 additional first aid kits will soon arrive in Ukraine 

According to statistics, one first-aid kit saves the lives of at least four people, and 4,000 first-aid kits from Nova Ukraine = 16,000 saved lives.

“The support of partners turns volunteering into a real force that can benefit thousands of our citizens. We thank the representatives of Nova Ukraine for financial assistance and high confidence in the work of the KSE Foundation”, said Svitlana Denysenko, director of the Foundation.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.