Until February 24, the Charity Fund of the Kyiv School of Economics KSE Foundation took care of education and science, supported students and professors. After the start of the full-scale invasion, the KSE Foundation reorganized its work and accumulated forces to assist the Army and provide humanitarian support to Ukrainians. However, the educational DNA of the KSE Foundation remains, so ensuring quality education even in times of war is a priority of the foundation. One of the projects to achieve this goal, which is implemented by the KSE Foundation, is the All-Ukrainian program to provide schools in Ukraine with reliable shelters.

As part of the all-Ukrainian program, dozens of educational institutions have already been provided with comfortable and modern shelters, as a result more than 7,000 schoolchildren have returned to offline classes. The goal of the project is to equip 300 school shelters.

Successfully implemented case: the Chervonoslobidskyi Lyceum, Bucha District, Kyiv region. Benefactor – The First Ukrainian International Bank or FUIB.

Dismantling work was carried out, a concrete screed was installed on the floor, the walls, ceiling, and floor were painted, the lighting was completely replaced, and the ventilation system was installed.

The lyceum has the status of a support institution and educates children from 9 surrounding villages – special school bus takes students to school. The educational institution was noted for pedagogical innovations, has a hub – 17 extracurricular activities and clubs.

During the occupation of part of Kyiv region, Chervonoslobidskyi Lyceum was a shelter for refugees from neighboring villages, the occupied territories, and was a humanitarian aid headquarters – more than 1,000 people were hiding from the enemy here. Now, thanks to the prepared shelter, the lyceum can conduct safe offline classes.