The artist Oleksandr Grekhov created, and the Kyiv School of Economics presented an art exhibition about you. And about each of us.

An outdoor exhibition of the works of Ukrainian artist-illustrator Oleksandr Grekhov was opened today near the campus of the Kyiv School of Economics. The exposition is placed in the open air and includes 13 iconic works of the wartime, dedicated to the war and the phenomenon of charity of Ukrainians, which has become an integral part of our culture.

This is an exhibition about people whose donats conduct reconnaissance of enemy positions, save school children in shelters, treat the wounded, restore Ukraine and bring victory closer with every hryvnia or dollar.

Where: Kyiv, Shpaka Street, 3, right in front of the KSE campus (Beresteiska metro station)

When: the charity exhibition is on display starting from 09/27/2023 until the end of October. We are waiting for you on a day and time convenient for you, entrance is free

“The integration of art into the educational space, as an integral part of quality development and education. These are the first steps. We are making the exhibition so that it is understandable and close to our students, the KSE community – in form and substance,” – Nataliia Kravchenko notes, head of talent and community development at KSE Foundation.

“For me, the theme and direction of creativity has not changed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, because I continue to do what I did before: to document the war with illustrations, sometimes to support our mental health with them, as people say, and, of course, to accumulate money from them for various gatherings/ funds, because now any creativity, in addition to conditional artistic value, should also carry applied value,” – says Oleksandr Grekhov.

The joint exhibition of the KSE Charitable Foundation and Oleksandr Grekhov aims to raise funds to provide war veterans and military children with grants for higher education in the chosen specialty.

Such a scholarship covers the cost of all academic years and is already implemented by the KSE Foundation: this year military doctors, stormtroopers, marksmen, children of fallen soldiers and children who were forced to leave their homes due to the war, talented young people received financial assistance for their studies.

You can make a contribution using the QR code, which is located under each illustration of Oleksandr Hrekhov, or via this link:

Each hryvnia or dollar will give military personnel and war veterans the opportunity to acquire a new profession or improve their level of knowledge. Reintegrating into civilian life in an understanding community that will always support you.

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.