We have all changed.

We forgot about weekends and vacations. We have changed our attitude towards comfort. We all have one goal – an independent and peaceful Ukraine. We called, met, convinced and collected more than $50 million in aid. We all became stronger thanks to each other. The KSE FOUNDATION is stronger because of you! 

How was it? In response to the Russian invasion, we launched the “Help Ukraine” project. Thanks to volunteers, $2 million was collected in 5 days.

Today is the 365th day of the war. Our result is more than $45 million. We spent 2/3 of these funds on defense, cyber security, and innovative technologies that strengthened Ukraine’s resilience. We are proud to have helped military personnel to receive more than 12,000 helmets, about 22,500 body armor, 38,000 first-aid kits and almost 41,500 tourniquets worth more than $12 million, 1,400 drones worth almost $6 million went to the front lines to ensure the protection of Ukraine.

Projects for the restoration of medical and educational infrastructure have a special place in our hearts. The rest of the funds went to them. The KSE Foundation helps medics and teachers working in war. We are rebuilding a dispensary in the city of Makariv and setting up shelters in more than 100 schools in Ukraine, so that everyone feels safe.

Also, thanks to international benefactors, we opened the “Talents for Ukraine” grant program with a budget of $1 million for talented Ukrainians.

Our projects depend on your support. These achievements would not have been possible without the contributions of more than 9,000 benefactors.

Thank you to every person and company that brings victory closer through the support of the KSE Foundation!

This year could have been different. But it became the way to victory thanks to millions of Ukrainians on the front lines and in the rear. And thanks to you – everyone who supports the KSE Foundation and helps us protect those in need.

Together we will win!

KSE Foundation works daily to support people and the development of an innovative Ukraine through education, thanks to contributors and partners.