A batch of first-aid kits purchased in cooperation with Data And Aid Tech has arrived in Kyiv!


The shipment of 563 first-aid kits, which were sent from Poland in “ambulance” vehicles, quickly reached the addressees.

Part of the first-aid kits was handed over to the Medical Volunteer Battalion of Hospitallers. The Ministry of Health will distribute the rest.

We thank our international partners, whose indifference to Ukrainians inspires us to go to Victory! In particular, the money for the first-aid kits was collected by the Data And Aid Tech initiative, within the framework of which IT specialists from all over the world gathered to support Ukraine.

We are also proud to save Ukrainians together with the Hospitallers, whose slogan is: For the sake of every life! 50 crews of the battalion assist the wounded every day; during the Russian-Ukrainian war, they saved about 2,750 people.

We remind you that the fundraising campaign for first aid kits is ongoing, and the ultimate goal is $1,000,000.

According to statistics, one first-aid kit saves a person’s life — your donations save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians!

You can donate via the link: https://fundly.com/kse-data