Since the beginning of the war, the Fund has raised $17 million thanks to all those who care about Ukraine, of which $14.2 million in March. Below is a short report on the results of the Fund’s work in March.

5126 philanthropists donated $14.2 million to humanitarian projects of the KSE Foundation. The donations made it possible to purchase tens of thousands of critical supplies to cover the needs of the Ministry of Health and Territorial Defense Forces and the civilian population.

From the very first day of the full-scale war started by Russia, thousands of people have responded to the KSE Foundation’s humanitarian initiative to raise funds to meet the critical needs of the Ukrainian military and healthcare system. The KSE Foundation set up a volunteer movement, a key in addressing procurement and delivery of first-aid kits, tourniquets, bulletproof vests, protective military helmets and other essentials.

The KSE Foundation raised $14.242 million in donations from 5,126 individual and corporate philanthropists in March 2022. Ukrainian business and national public organizations provided 40% of all donations, international business and international public organizations – 30%. Another 30% (15% each) were transferred by Ukrainian and international civil society. The average amount of a donation made by a business is $300,000, by a retail company – $400.

“The KSE Foundation is immensely grateful to everyone who helps Ukraine and Ukrainian society in the times of the war. The support that Ukraine receives today is, objectively speaking, unprecedented – national and international business, global institutions, and civil society have united for one ultimate purpose. Together we will win!” Svitlana Denysenko, Director of the KSE Foundation, said.